My site is suspended. What do I do?

On very rare occasions, there is a need for Pinoywebmaster to suspend an account. There are a few issues that can cause a site to be suspended. Most of suspension cases can be resolved and the websites can be brought back online if the cause of the suspension is addressed.

 Billing Issues

You may have missed your payment or your credit card on file might have expired.

You can check this in your client area which can be accessed at our main website


Acceptable Usage Violation

In order to keep our servers stable, Pinoywebmaster monitors the amount of CPU and RAM each account uses. On rare occasions, if your hosting account is using such a high level of the server resources that it affects other accounts on the server, your account might be temporarily suspended while we work with you for a solution to bring your resource usage to a normal level.

In this case you will be sent a detailed notification to the email address that you have on file. Please make sure this email address is not associated with your account, so that even when your account is temporarily suspended, you could still be able to receive emails from us.

If you received this notification email, please read it carefully and reply to it conforming that you are ready to resolve the resource usage issue. Our technical team will unsuspend your account and give you access to your account for you to make the necessary changes.


Terms of Service Violation

Copyrighted material, spamming, adult content are not permitted to be hosted at Pinoywebmaster

 If such content is found on an account, the account may be suspended until the content is removed.


If you have any questions you can contact our 24x7 support using the live chat option on our website or fell free to call us at any time. We will be glad to help you.

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